December 29, 2009

my fave*

Guys, i've never enjoyed blogging like i enjoy it this year. Suddenly, blogging has been part of my daily life and from blogging i can meet and know all of youuuu!!!!! :D From blogging, i can inspire you and get inspired by you. I do enjoy posting my piece of writings or share God's love, cool stuffs, webs, movies, my quotes, my designs, even my own life to all of you. I do really hope thousand sunny can give a positive input to your life. In the edge of 2009, i reviewed again all my posts and i've found there are several posts in thousand sunny that have been my own personal fave =) So, here are my fave top10 thousand sunny's post in 2009:
How about you, guys?


  1. "Can You Keep a Secret" definitely tops it all :p Hua ha3!

  2. vin... wow... thx for posting those top ten ^^
    at least i know where to start reading your postings...
    i do love most: "can u keep a secret" and "train station" ...

    i 'envy' you and all other great bloggers here... :p
    have written so many inspiring postings ^^
    keep sunny y'all !!!

  3. yay! :D
    i'd like to eat these sweet cupcakes :P
    and HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  4. Here's to more meaningful, fun, inspiring posts in 2010. Happy to have made friends with you in the blog world Jak :)

  5. > Feb - Huahaha...thanks to u for that post :D

    > Jos - That's good if this post helped u to read my posts hahaha..envy? no way...u just started blog and u post so many great posts and i believe a lot great post will come in enjoying reading ur blog Jos!

    >Fashion Ave - Oh yeah sure u do hahahaa...not yet!!! there's still time left to say,"Happy New Year" lol

    >Russ - Russ...u took all my words hahaha...thanks to all ur positive input and support to make thousand sunny more sunny =)

  6. Vinnn thx to u too.. The one who encouraging me to be more active in blogging! Btw, love your secret post, dreamhunter and if! Keep posting and sharing!

  7. train station, dreamhunter, and if :D

  8. >Valen - Justru aku yang thank u sm kamu Len..udah sama2 survive walau dulu blognya sepi banget hahahaa...cuma kamu aku n Aris..Hhh..skrg the blogging world is so aliveee :D

    >Bee - i c i c i c (lol) thanks Bee =)

  9. huahahhaha.. so we call us blog survivor! :D

  10. >Valen - Blog dramatic!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^