October 1, 2009

Mission Tripossible

I can say that i finished my one week holiday with style. After got sick in the beginning of holiday, i went to Mojokerto for Ministry Trip with my super cool cell group. Ce Deb, Valen, Kevin, Titi Star, David, Felix n me went on saturday and pass our night in Adiwidjaja family house. They are so nice and welcome us with warm greeting. In there, we did the ministry in Ce Deb's family church, Eben Haizer (i forget the GB or GK something). We would service in the Youth, Teen and Children service. Nah, before we did our ministry, we had little time to have fun by playing capsa and by taking millions of pictures with Valen's digiCam. In the last day, Ce Deb treated us for her birthday (the food were delicious, especially my *nasi goreng spesial*) So, here some of the photos i edited, enjoy =)
Almighty God Jesus Christ
Eben Haizer Church
Amazing Adiwidjaja Family
Beautiful Mojokerto Town (not city, lol)

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  1. ahhhh alvin km membuatku penasarannnn
    undang2 saya ke premier nya ya
    saya akan melenggang dengan penuh kenikmatan di red carpet nya.. dan berpose kaki menyilang ala ce deb... :p (as u wish lix....)

  2. CIA...what wrong with my cross-legged style? cant u do it? ;P
    Jak, this post is.... what's the english for "menipu"?

  3. GSJPDI Eben Haezer.
    hey...my cross-legged style is here!!! hyahahahaha
    yup.. it's a TOWN.
    And thank u for your good comment about my family. though we didn't spend much time with them.

  4. Seems like so much fun ya Jak. What a nice holiday you must have had :)
    And wonderful photo layout as well! So cool!

  5. You really inspire me Jak, like big time. I have this post, has yet to be finished about how much my faith has changed. Hope the vacay went well. Rest up some more.Ü

  6. ups vin.... i think u must do some Digital Imaging first... at that 'sexy' photo of mine... wakakakkaka (the two which showing my cleavage) :D

  7. btw i like the color editing u made.. which make a 'lomography' colour effect in all of these pics... nice one!

  8. >Valen - Which one len? Hahahaa..And yes, i'm a big fan of lomography style now..that's good u like it =)

    >Ce Deb - The pre-post is called "Tricky Post" LOL i laughed when u and Valen got tricked by the pre-post :D

    >Febe - Thanks Feb =) Now i'm waiting ur Singapore holiday post...

    >Russ - We are inspiring each other, Russ =) Oya? Have the post published? which one? And i have taken my rest, thanks =)

  9. the Youth Service part. the one while i'm keyboarding and the one while i'm beside miss debby (just two of us pic)

    u know what? i've already had lomo camera 'diana F+' since my sis back from china (she bought one for me)... i tried to capture 2 rolls.. and the results isn't as good as i guess..

    it isn't that easy to use that.. u wanna try? wakakkaka

  10. >Valen - Oya? yes, there's some techniques that we must have if wanna use lomo camera. I prefer edited the regular photo become lomo in Photoshop heheheee..Sure! if i can =)

  11. eh btw.. how's the trick to change the color to lomo style? using what's menu? hehehe.... i have noticed the lomo style since ur display pic before this (the one when u were wearing light blue polo shirt). the colour is rich with grain and old film colour. is that rite?

  12. Yes it is!! I will tell u when we meet, u have to copy certain file =)

  13. jak, dont u charge her (CIA) 250thousand rupiah? hehe

  14. >Ce Deb - No, that charge is only for u...


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^