September 30, 2009

write it in your heart

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  1. What a short post... Got fed up of writing ya Jak? After days of heart-pouring postings... Ha3. Nice quote though :)

  2. >Febe - This is a new label, Feb. It's called "Image The Day" So, in this label, i just post amazing image i found while i browsing. I'll do that if i dont have any post from me =)

  3. agree with fe that it's short, yet the message is strong.
    sometimes it's hard to see that the day is the best day coz of so many unpleasant things happened.
    but as i said's a matter of choice:)

  4. >Ce Deb - Agree...tomorrow i will post our Ministry Trip in Mojokerto, yey!!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^