September 29, 2009


What is death?

Someone said, “death is the end”

The other said, “death is the beginning”

The end of what?

The beginning of what?

Should be I afraid in front of death?

“If death is the end, you should be afraid”

“If it is the beginning, you shouldn’t be afraid”

Then I answered,”Come on, don’t bluffing with me, people!”

How can you tell me about death if you have never dead?

All you can do are only imagine and predict the definition of death

Then you are convincing other people to support your belief

About death,

You know nothing…

I know nothing…

But I know one person who knows about death

He knows it because he has already beaten the death

He was dead but He restored to live three days after

Am I afraid in front of death?

My body and soul scream, “yes I do!”

But my spirit is always in peace

Because the day when I will face the death,

I will not be alone

Jesus will be in my right side and hold my hand


  1. Why suddenly talk about death?
    Kinda spooky Jak...

    But death is just a transfer from this life to eternity right? What is there to fear about :)

  2. death is unavoidable, but we can see hope behind it.
    a hope to be with our loving Father eternally. See Him face to face, no more fears/ worries, no more tears...just peace.

    yeah...why u suddenly post this?

  3. >Feb - Sorry for this spooky post ha3...Yes, we should not fear it because we have known the truth but maybe other people dont know it...

    >Ce Deb - (no more tears...just peace) "Father's Love Letter" banget lol I wrote the draft when i read Deathly Hallows last week..And i just feel today is the perfect moment to post it.

  4. I kinda got scared with your post.Ö LOL. But I do agree with you that how can one know or speak about death when he or she hasn't experienced it.

    Bee is right, death is something that we cannot avoid. Eventually, we'll all go there. We just have to wish that we're ready when that time comes so it should be natural thing in all of us to always do at least one good deed a day.

  5. >Russ - I think u got scared because u saw the image hehehee...Speaking do at least one good deed a day , i remember that u have done great deed yesterday in Red Cross...How was it, Russ?


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^