July 1, 2009


Yesterday, I lived
Today, I am breathing
Tomorrow, I’ll die
Then, what?

The world is so hard
Like a steel that bumped my head every time I try to get through
The world is so haze
Full of uncertain things, waiting to trap me

Once I thought I’ll live what I am living
I wanted to be alive in my safe zone
Even I know it is not exist
I was a pathetic coward

I’ll lose something I can’t replace
I’ll know that it’s too late
to learn from my mistakes
I don’t want to be like I wanted to be

I recollect my shuttered courage a piece by a piece
I want to dare my fear
I want to bet with my fate
I will never know if I never try

This morning, I opened my eyes with a revolution
A hope helped me to rouse my unleashed body
I saw myself in the mirror
And I saw a dreamhunter


  1. Jak....
    Whoever says you don't write good literature.
    I've been deeply longing for inspiration lately, amongst days that feel dull.
    After I read your post, I suppose my thirst is fulfilled :)
    Keep writing, keep inspiring...

  2. Jakaaa..
    Don't give up!! We live with God's promises, He won't fail us..

  3. semangat JAK :)
    u r one of the greatest writer i've ever known!

  4. >Fe_i wrote this after read your "I Got Over You"..
    >Levina_stop calling me Jakaa, please...
    >Aileen...I think that's too much, len..heheheee...i'm not that good, but thanks for the words anyway:)

  5. i think 'dreamhunter' deserve to be nominated for 'saltnlight'..
    diao enough...
    i saw a dreamhunter, he is my BiG Bro..
    Go, be a hunter, chase your dream, and catch it..
    coz the time is not over yet, the world still turning, the sun still hot, and Jesus is not coming yet, so use your time because the time is chasing you back..... Read More
    Fighting Alvin Kho!!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^