July 3, 2009

Best 2009 Movie? (so far)

Two days ago, I watched people’s most anticipated box office movie of this year, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen with friends. Before i went to the theater, i read many reviews from people around the world in imdb.com. Shockingly, most of the comments was inglorious the Michael Bay's movie. They said that this movie was terrible (except the visual effects of course). But, I also saw the box office chart that put the movie to the top with 200 millions US dollar gross in 5 days! Crazy…Ok, so I decided to not put high expectation to this movie then went to the theater to watch it. After pass two and a half hour in Galaxy Mall studio 1, to be honest I can’t give my review either the movie is good or bad. I’m confused. Even I read in yahoo this morning, Megan Fox (the movie’s own actress) criticized the director for the movie hahahaa…One thing I know is this movie was only made for profit's sake and easy to forget (by me).
If people’s most anticipated box office movie in this year failed to satisfy me, let’s move to my most anticipated movie in the last two years. Wingardium Leviosa, Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. Yes, I’ve been waiting this movie for two years because of the selfish decision by whoever responsible for the release date.
According to the imdb.com, this movie will be released in this country by july 17th 2009. It means two weeks later. Yes!. You know what, I don’t want to read any review from all of the media (or friends) before I watch by myself first. I saw the trailer (that thrilled me) and that’s enough. My friend then asked me in the way home “what’s your best movie this year so far?”. I paused and answered “Valkyrie” – ‘thanks’ to 21 Surabaya so I haven’t watched Watchmen and JJ Abram’s Star Trek till now. The question is, can the sixth Harry Potter take the number one rank of my best 2009 movie so far?


  1. Jak.....
    You are the only I've heard not impressed by Transfomer!!!
    But, I suppose I'd have to agree with you.
    I vote for Valkyrie as well, but would be a difficult choice when Confession of a Shopaholic shows up. Hahahahahaha....
    A girl will always be a girl :p

  2. you will find huge when u read imdb.com lol

    Yes, unfortunately our Surabaya 21 pended the release of Shopaholic also. It happens lately...don't know why..

    Viva Valkyrie!

  3. i second that! i cant say i was overly impressed. it was sooooo long and the story lacked depth. i was offended by the portrayal of women as sex objects, and the lame sex jokes with the robot balls. if this is the quality of children's movies, i despair for the next generation, this is definitely NOT a kids movie. but i hv heard over and over and over again in defense of the first film: "It's a kids movie!" yeah RIGHT.

  4. oh in addition, Sam’s dad wasn't as annoying as before but the mom sure was.

  5. I agree with u...so, let's leave the Robots and welcome the boy with a scar in his head :)

  6. let's welcome Public Enemies, Depp and Bale, yeah, totally rawks! :))

  7. Don't forget for Michael Mann too...he is the director of this film...Viva Public Enemies!


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