July 4, 2009

Happy Weekend Spectacular

Last week, me and cell group (The Debbyters) went to have a nice weekend at BNS. Unfortunately, we didn't go with full member =(. With 8 members, we had a great time there. In fact, there are dozens of photos (one of the MAIN characteristic of Debbyters, lol), but this 8 photos is my best version. In this post, I don't want to talk too much. Let the photos talk to you, enjoy!
Where's Felix? Oh, there...
he was the one who took this photo lol

Left: View From the Top. Right: the game that i won't try anymore
I like the pic of Edo and Ding Dong (Big Bro & Lil Sis)

After millions of photoshoots, we decided to take a break
but..still in camera

Debbyters with Flowers

The 4D experience was quite cool but Edo said,"biasa!"
UP-right: Posed in Latina Garden

This is my fave photo of all. Glass House Effect!

After spectacular night...ready to go home


  1. Jak...
    BNS looks way more amazing in your pics than in reality...
    AsliE ga se-apik itu deh...
    Nice photos :)

  2. Thanks Feb :)
    Kapan hari aku sempet liat blog yang post foto2 BNS yang jauuuh lebih amazing dari ini. Kalo mau liat, nih linknya:

  3. wah kok kurang banyak potonya... wakakkakak

  4. kalo aku masukin fotonya semua, bisa2 satu blog ini isinya foto BNS semua lol This my best 8!

  5. Ak kenall vicky. He's is a pro rite now :).
    Di blognya blom banyak fotonya. Foto2nya di facebook jauh lebih wow.. :)

  6. >Aileen- Oya?jelas aja pro kalo foto2nya kayak gitu..thanks for the link..i'll check those awesome photos :)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^