July 7, 2009

What am I working today?

Hi! these are printscreens of my tasks in the office (read: my PC) today. Don't know why i posted this stuff hahahaa...just crossed in my mind this morning. I feel so lucky that i can enjoy my work. But lately i feel a little bit bored at the office. Thanks for this blog so i can still enjoying work at the office. And thanks too for my AMAZING blogger's friends that keeping this blogging activity become more fun. Ayo semangatttt!!
This is my PC desktop wallpaper...I love the pic!!

This is my main job here...writing US TV serial articles.
Now, I'm writing article about 24. Buy the magazine, guys!

Besides writing articles, i'm doing multimedia stuff
to support my company's other products

My daily news feed (One and Only...Sports Section lol)


  1. asik asik... apik vin.. ngeliat itu jd semangat ngerjain aktivitas sehari2... jika aktivitas sehari2 di layout seperti itu. hehehe

  2. padahal aku nge-post ini iseng-iseng soale ga ada bahan lho hehehe3...good for u kalo abis liat post ini jadi semangat..


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^