July 11, 2009

Speed Of Light

Run Run Run
The Light has come
Run Run Run
He will lead me to the finish line

This is the time
Yes, this is the faultless moment
I sense something is missing
But I don't give a damn

When I do believe
I know something is working
When I’m chasing The Light upon me
I know....I’m doing the right move

I am dumbfounded
When I loss my breath,
my feet is keep moving faster
I’m running in the speed of light

Clock is ticking
But I know I still have plenty
I’ve already in the running track
With the light as my guidance


  1. Jak...
    I've been trying to leave comment at this post, tapi kok fail terus ya? Something wrong!

    Inspiring piece, Jak, as usual... Just realized the difference between my writing and yours. Both questions about life and future, but you end your questions with a confident faith... (Dreamhunter, Speed of Light). RasaE you know you're on the right track, you just need to push forward. And mine.... it always ends up with questions. I don't even know whether I'm taking the right path...

    Share Jaaaak!!! How can you be so resolute? How come you so deeply believe in God? I find myself keep questioning whether you can cling your hope on HIM... I don't know what I believe in anymore.

    I'm gradually letting go of my idealism and faith, trying to be more realistic instead...

  2. cool!!!!!!!!! ayo dibikin lagunya!!!!

  3. ayoo!! buaten aransemennya...aku kasih unlimited hak cipta lirik ini deh...

  4. keep running :) semangat JAK!

  5. yes...let's run...run...run...see the brightest future that God provides to us!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^