July 17, 2009

Exclusive: Jackson 005 Behind The Scene

When the election day last week, after elected my chosen President, me and church multimedia team had an important schedule to do. Yes, we had a shooting schedule. It has been a long time i'm not involved in this activity, making film. Last film I've involved with is when we were making Crossroad To Heaven last year. "where have you been, jak??"
The script of Jackson 005

Okay, then this event came. I was honored to be one of the frentastic fellowship committee, doing publication. So, i guessed this is the time i can make a film again -even only a short film-. Then, i wrote the script of Jackson 005. The basic idea is of course from watching secret agent movies like Bourne and Bond. Using final draft 6 always fun when u write a film script. The multimedia team was so helpful when they gave additional ideas to the script (in shooting location) and their ideas made the film better and funnier.
Jackson 005: the scenes

Multimedia team members are really rocks!! (thanks guys, u don't really know that i'm so grateful with all of u) When the H-day, they came and we divided tasks so the shooting process could get through well. We shot at three places: Taman Bungkul, Semut Street, and at our lovely church front yard. We did really enjoy the shooting process and there's lot of fun there. The actors did great too. All of them is the right casts for this project.
Jackson 005: the scenes..and the bloopers :D

thanks GOD for this wonderful team

After finished the one-day shooting, it's time to enter the post-production process. I edited this video using Magix Movie Edit Pro 2005 (my fave video editing software) and because i was so exited, I did it directly when I got home after shooting process lol. It's true, I was so exited with this project and i really fascinate with the result.
editing Jackson 005 using Magix Movie Edit Pro

The premiere of "Jackson 005" was on last sunday in Youth service. This short film is purposed to encourage Youth members so they are willing to invite their friends to follow frentastic this weekend. I think the film got a good feedback and the most important thing is now, we have a solid multimedia team. Again, BIG thanks from my deepest heart for Ding-Dong, Henry, Santoso, Rully, Ko Ferry and ko Alwyn (Multimedia Team) and Cristo, Andre, Ce Mei Hong (actors) and Kevin, Felix, Kak Bayu (for lending the tools) . I believe with this spirit of giving the best for God, we will do a great project again.


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