July 18, 2009

Hope Episode III

wHen i pray
sOmething bad happens
when I re-Pray
something worsE happens

However, pray never fails
the worse is nOt always the bad
my mind and sPirit are battling inside me
once again, I let my spirit conquEr my mind

maybe i Have a strong heart
that make me to become a survivOr
but when it sPills,
it will be brokEn like glasses

Hope is the last thing I have
it’s easy tO make a hope
but it’s easy to be dumPed too
the hardest part is to livE it

fortunately i Have the strong one
it shines even in my darkest mOment
it never gives uP to shine
that’s why i choose to do the hard onE


  1. This is the triquel of my friend's literature
    You can click the link above to read the episode I and II.
    I was surprised I can write this faster because to make thins like this usually i have to wait so long.
    Maybe it's because i'm in the hardest time nowadays. That's give me a wisdom to write this...what an irony hahahaaa...

    but i believe it'll get through :) semangattt!!

  2. You will get through! Place your hope on Him, and it is 100% guaranteed. No matter what the future holds, the best is yet to come, Jak! Let's hold on and grab it.

    I love your typing-style, btw!!! How come you have such a great idea?

  3. semangat JAK :)

    aku juga ngerasa losing hope bbrp saat yg lalu..
    skrg juga lagi berusaha utk 'bangkit'
    baca post mu bnr2 terkuatkan..thank u..

    btw kalian berdua punya gaya nulis yg berbeda tapi both are AWESOME...both of you should collaborate again :p

  4. Thank you for the encouragement, Febe and Aileen :)

    I like the idea of typing style too and it just crossed in my mind...But when i read this post again, i think the english is not quite good. I realized this when i wrote but i still want to post coz it reflects my condition these days.

    ps: u know Fen...Aileen is an inspire writer too..u should read in her old friendster blog...she hide it, lol


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^