September 7, 2009

a heart keeper

image source: "someone lost a heart" by bionic7

It had been broken once
Shattered into pieces
It had been rotted once
Excreted the detest scent

I left it like it was, once
Not because I wanted to let it go
But because I gave up
There’s no cure to fix it, I thought

Then You found me
You touched it
You took it
And You gave me the new one

You told me to keep it sacred
Protect it from the wonderful world poison
Cause it is the most important for You
More than my act and my mind

I’m only a careless person
Once again,
I let it broken and rotten
I failed You

But You always give me chances when I repent
Because You know that I can’t use my own strength
Yes… i need Your words, dreadfully
To cleanse it every morning

To devote it sacred everyday is not a burden
But it's a joyful
Because I always want to please You
Who am I, if I can’t keep my own heart?

I’m honored, God…
To be a heart keeper


  1. :) Speechless... Has always been amazed by your faith...

  2. Wow!!! wonderful, jak. hope i can make a post like this... 2 thumbs up :)

    just a little correction: to please Your heart

  3. hahahaha... iki mewakilli aku soro jak :)

  4. Did you write that? Wow. Such beautiful words.

  5. >Feb - thanks Feb =)

    >Ce Deb - of course u can make it, sis..u r a great writer! And thanks for the correction, have fixed it =)

    >Aris - syukur kalo gitu Ris =)

    >Russ - Thanks Russ! Yes, i wrote it, i'm glad i can write something after lost idea for weeks, thank God!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^