September 9, 2009

Ssstt....Can You Keep A Secret?

A week ago, my friend Febe, published this sunny post and she asked me to make my own version. So, there it is! I will reveal 10 of my secrets which maybe you haven’t known. Only 10? Sure! What do you expect, guys? A wise man said, ”Secrets make someone have charm” I think 10 are enough coz i dont want to loose my charm lol...

10. When I’m in elementary, I’ve wanted to run from home because my older sister took my Dee-Dee liquid soap. I cried and already packed my things into my bag but finally I revoke my intention because I didn’t know where I would go.
9. I have fallen in the embarrassing position in front of the girl who I had a crush on in high school.
8. I always look in everything that can make a reflection, just to make sure my hair is in the right place. Few months ago, I looked into a car window glass to fix my hair without knowing there’s a girl inside the car. She opened the window and got me blush.
7. I have cried to protect my best friend from my other friend who wanted to punch him. Not because I was afraid but because I was affected emotionally by my own action.

___oh no… I’m too ashamed to continue this writing, lol___

I’m not a photogenic. I will only get 4 nice photos with the perfect smile from 10 shots.
5. I watched “Kingdom Of Heaven” seven times (twice in theater, five times in VCD/DVD)
4. Sometimes, I just want to be alone.
3. I have fought with mom in Christmas Eve and went away (again) from home. Turn off my phone and went as far as I could to stay away from home. Confused where I had to go, I bought two bottles of Green Sand and sit in the garden near my home till midnight. I apologized to my mom when I got home.
2. I cried in the middle of the night when I watched football match on TV, hoping if my father could accompany me to watch football and discussing the match. I think I missed him at that time.
1. I never said my feeling to a girl I like directly. Maybe I didn’t have that courage, maybe I didn’t want to risk our relationship. But I’ve promised to myself, i will tell my feeling gently when I find a girl who I fall in love with.

THAT’S ENOUGH!!! My face is already like boiled crab!! I cant believe i wrote this but this is fun indeed. Hey, why don’t u make ur own version, I will love to read yours =)


  1. Geez Jak, too many secrets exposed. Lol. I am blushing as a reader. Ha3...
    My fave is no.8, and people say girls worry too much of their appearances. They should read your post! He3.
    Good luck for no.1 yah... Wish you all the best!

  2. 10. haha,cute..
    9. was it in the 3rd year of high school Jak?
    8. totally agree with Febe :)
    6. i can only get 1 nice pic out of 10
    1. Sometimes risks are worth taken, Jak. And girls will be happy to hear that a guy actually love and cherish them. So take the risk, u can do it :)

  3. Hey jak...those you revelaed are all "humanly" things. you don't have to be ashamed of it=)

    but it's nice to look back to our childhood follies.

    thanks for always dropping by my blogs. i have a new one in case you have not seen it yet, heartQUAKES. hope to see you there too...and my other old one's too at-a-blink; earthy me.

  4. I am also guilty of #8! It seems to be the most natural thing to do. Hahaa. On #1, I'm sure that one day you'll find her and you'll have all the guts that you need to tell her how you feel about her. Goodluck Jak. I know you'll work on this - girls like to hear what guys have to say.Ü

  5. eh.. i've just experienced similar like no.7 too.. couple days ago at one incident (i guess u know when)
    6.----> really know that.. wakakakkaka truly vin!
    2. that was hmm.. i can't imagine that feeling.. but i think i can understand
    1. hahaha.. agree with Fe... good luck while u've finally found, vin!

  6. this are your b.f's comments

    10 :
    what a freak..
    tried to runaway from home
    just because a bottle of dee-dee shampoo
    9 :
    the question is not "what did the position when u fell?"
    but who is the girl??? he he
    8 :
    wes biasa lah JAK
    itu kebiasaan mu ket mbiyen
    7 :
    sapa sapa JAK?? sini2 ta bantu melerai'kan
    tapi yg jelas not me
    i'm a lover not a fighter
    6 : don't care....
    5 :
    ueeeeedan..!!!! lapo sampek 7x ntn K.O.H
    kalo M.I kamu nonton brapa kali JAK?

    4 : same with u fren, sometime.. we're just want to be alone for a moment

    3 : my fave... touching
    tapi yang mau aku tanya in
    ngapain kamu nga dateng ke rumah ku ae
    di taman deket rumah mu itu kan gelap
    nyamuk e akeh
    Dan yang mengganggu aku.. kok bawa Green Sand?
    itu nga memabuk'kan Jak

    2 : no comment
    tapi yang jelas, aku nangis kalo INTER isa sampek kalah lawan team kroco kayak parma

    1 : hahaha ini sih loe banget JAK

  7. btw.. this is really a nice topic to be posted... i'll post this later ya vin!! ^^

  8. >Febe - That's strange u got blush when u read it should be me, Feb...but thanks to you for this sunny post. I dont mind if all of you know my secrets =)

    >Olive - How do u know about no 9, Liv? had u seen it? I dont believe u only get 1 from 10, Liv and thanks for the encouragement =)

    >Jenie - Thanks Jenie..make ur version, trust me it will be fun..I have dropped to ur blogs anyway, will go back.

  9. >Russ - sure and Amen! Thank u so much for the useful input, Russ..why dont u make your version too? it's fun!

    >Valen - Hahahaa...u know it that's why u took my picture as a candid when in BNS..Thanks for the good luck =) and i already read your version too's fun isn't it?

    >Sigit - Hi Git! thanks for join this forum and called me freak lol i dont want to discuss about number 9 coz it will open another secret (10 is enough). I watched MI 3 times and u r right..lots mosquito at that time and i choose green sand so i dont get drunk Git!

  10. comment for #1...then why u ask me to show my interest to "the guy" a bit? Jak, take courage ^^ i'll support u, bro

  11. >Ce Deb - That's different..And #1 is my past not reflects my condition in the present hehehee..Yeah, someday i'll need ur support, 12 =)

  12. a very2 nice posting VIN,bring back my childhood memories....i almost forget that u had ever told me the moment u wanted ran away from home...twice!!hahaha....
    many touching moments...but I am very touched with no.7 and no.2.....
    no.7 because I was the eyewhitnes myself!!u're very right!!!!that was very touching moments!!!I was amazed..proud..shock..n a little bit odd with your 'heroic action' at that moment!!trully..for 10 years old boy...that was a very2 'DRAMA'..!!wkwkwkwkwk...
    no.2 can't say anything....very deep...i can feel how u felt that time straight away at this time....

  13. >Andre - Huahahaa..this is one of the eye witness in no 7..ur comments make me laugh a lot Ndre hahahaa...Yes, i think you know my feeling in number 2. But, now i have friend to accompany me watching football, that's you, Ndre! We should watch Serie A match together again this weekend, deal? deal!

  14. DEAL!!!!(soale channel tv nde omahku yo ga genah)wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw...........BERCANDA..BERCANDA...PURE JOKE BRO!!KEEP UP THE SPIRIT!!(BLUE's SPIRIT WKWKWkWKWKWK...)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^