January 1, 2010

let's rock!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 Guyssssssssssss!!!! :D


  1. hepi nu yeeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wahhhh warna kuning, biru muda dan ungu nyaa terinspirasi dari kaosnya yeee

  3. Yes let's rock 2010! whooohooo :))
    Happy happy happy new year Jak ^^

  4. happy new year !!!
    @len: seemed so... kaos Mr.Einstein ^^
    telat kah? lom lha ya...
    @vin: sorry ga bales sms nuyer mu n else, coz i was at the top of Bromo Penanjakan ^^ susah signal hp ilang muncul :)
    but i greet you all actually with my gadget in my blog thou, cool gadget, the count down, when it reached 00.00 1st Jan, will change to Happy New Year ! :)
    be blessed you all !
    agree with alvin thou, let's rock 2010 !!!

  5. >Bee, Russ, Ling2 - Thank uuu!! i hope u have the gr8 one =)

    >Valen - Yup2!It has been one of my fave shirt now =) Thanks to u, Ding Dong n Margareth yaaa

    >Jos - Hey, never mind Jos! Ur new year must be great ya Jos =D Ayoo di-post foto2nya hahahaa..

  6. wow jak, there's so much to wait for...thanks for this. Tom Cruise definitely comes FIRST in my list ;) love him love him love him...since Top Gun i've been fantasizing about him hahaha!

    missing your visits dear! come see my newly constructed earthy me


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^