November 17, 2009

Train Station

Today, I take my old friend to the train station. This is the time when we have to say good bye. My old friend will go and never comeback. To be honest, I can withhold my old friend to not leave me. But I had my decision that I will let my old friend go.

Before enter the train, I call my old friend for the last time. I want to say something. My old friend turns around and faces me.

“Thank u for accompanying me all these time. It’s hard u know, to let u go…To be honest, I often hope u will disappear coz ur existence hurt my heart…so much. In countless time I want to throw u away from my life…I regret to know u. But I couldn’t let u go…I just couldn’t. Coz u gave me beautiful memories too. U were always with me. When im down, u were always there to make me feel that at least im not alone.”

“Then, why u let me go now?” my old friend ask me.

“This is a hard decision u know, maybe the hardest one. But I have to make this. I have to let u go to continue my life. I always failed to do that coz somehow, I still can’t forgive u and myself. But now is different, I have forgiven myself…and now I want to make peace with u…I want to let u go in peace..”

My old friend smile to me, “Im proud of u and u are right…u have to continue ur live. I have done my part in ur life and it has it's own purpose. Bad, good, worse or best…all of that had purposes. And I agree with u, u don’t need me now.”

My old friend sees two friends behind me and smile to them, “Now, u have them to continue ur life. U have to let me go now…and move on with them. Together, u still have plenty of time to fill ur life with wonderful memories and also u will not do the same mistakes that u’ve done with me, good bye”

I smile and answer, ”Goodbye Past…”

After saying that, my old friend enters the train and the train goes away…leaves me and disappears.

Today, I’ve made my best decision in my life and I will not regret, never!! I’ve lost my old friend, Past but now I have two best friends to accompany me. Their names is Present and Future. Thank God for replacing my past with present and future. With U, everyday is a new day and it is priceless.

"make peace with ur past and move on..."

ps: i present this writing to a friend who have made the decision this morning...


  1. kok Si Past mesti naek kereta vin? ga naek pesawat gitu?

  2. >Valen - Iya ya...ha3..itu cuma iseng2an kok...i guess in the train station is more dramatic than in the airport, dont u think?

  3. tapi mmg kesane lbh dpt nek di stasiun kreta api hahaha drpd d airport

  4. hmmm.. dalem banget yak?? what kind of 'Past" is this??

    anyway, really miss having deep conversation with you pal!!

  5. >Levina - Hi Lev...tumben mampir ke thousand sunny =) sering2 mampir po'o...What kind of past? Emmm..this writing is about my friend's =) and hey, anytime u wanna talk, just call,ok pal?


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^