November 10, 2009

confession of a hero

That day, November 10th 1945
The Dutchman put their feet to this city
They brought their flag with their war tools spectacle
Made a parade to show their power on the streets

Why were they here?
They supposed not to be here
53 days ago, our nation had gotten its independence
The 350 years of colonization in this nation had over!

Then I heard from people that they tried to colonize our country again
They said, it would be started from this city, my city

No, they couldn’t do that
Not anymore…

Or even millions troops
There’s nothing could wrest our freedom anymore

We would not let that happen,
I would not let that happen

We had to fight first
To defend this city
There’s no time to wait for the help from center government
We had to fight today

We had to fight now!

The sound of cannons punctured my eardrum
My hand was shaking, holding the sharpen bamboo
When I directly saw their guns, cannons and tanks,
My fear gnawed my guts
“How could this tool equal with their guns?”

I wanted to run to the field
But my body did not allow me
My whole body was shaking crazily
I was freezing there
Watching my bravely friends died on the field

I knew that I would surely be dead when I run there
It would be the end of my life

“I would die…I would die…I would..
…move and run there you, coward!!!”
My mind shouted that line and I run
I run…
I run to my death zone
I run to deliver my soul

It’s only need ten seconds when they gunned my chest
My right arm was still holding that sharpen bamboo
And my feet still kept running
The second bullets got my neck

I fell…

I knew that was the time when I die
“God, let me shouted this word before I die”
Like my other bravely friends shouted this word before they fell
I knew I couldn’t…
the bullet got my neck and suffocated my throat
My head crashed the ground

I died

There’s no objection or regret
Because I don’t wanna live in colonization anymore

They could take my soul
But not my FREEDOM

*from jak for every hero who died bravely to defend the city (Surabaya) 64 years ago


  1. jak, aku merinding bacanya...
    g kebayang gmn pjuangan mereka dl..
    thanks for this post, reminds me to appreciate the freedom now i have.

  2. Is that for Veterans Day?Ö Too bad we don't celebrate it here in my country.

    Pinoy is our local slang for Filipino.

  3. Jak, I got goosebump all over reading this. This is a wonderful piece. I think it will be great as a short clip scenario also. DOn't you think?? hehe..Anyways, great job Jak!

  4. >Bee - emang ngga kebayang...tulisan ini aja cuma bayanganku, nggak mencerminkan kejadian yang sebenarnya...pasti yang sebenarnya lebih parah...

    >Russ - Yes Russ =) I c, now i know what pinoy means, thanks

    >Olive - Me too..that happen when i wrote that time i was listening "21 Guns" by Green Day too...So, it's very emotional when wrothe this post...Sure! it will be a great short clip Live, thanks =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^