November 9, 2009

Five Months

Last week, i attended Sefi's wedding at Pakuwon Imperial. It was a great wedding and the main thing is, i could meet with my college's friend. Even, they were not complete but it still a fortune i can meet them. These times, it's really hard to meet each other. We are busy with our job or personal life so the wedding party is the perfect moment to meet each other. Levina just uploaded the photos this noon and when i saw this photo, i remember that five months ago, i attended the wedding party in the same place. And that time, my hair is still short but look it now :D Just dont realized that the time is passing so fast...

Five months ago

Last Week


  1. hahahaha..Jak, u look adorable in the first pic..hahaha..

  2. Are you guys of the same age? Your friends in the first photo look older, compared to you! :) You must have inherited good genes from your parents. Haha. Take care Jak!

  3. >Olive - Livvvvv...thank u hahahaha

    >Russ - No Russ, they are older than me but their soul still young (Ooosshh!) :D Take care from what? im going nowhere Russ ha3


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^