August 25, 2010

King's Tale

There's a popular legend told in the Middle East of a wise and good king who loved his people. He deeply wanted to know how they lived, to know about their hardships. So he often dressed as a working man or a beggar and visited the homes of the poor. None of them suspected that he was their ruler. On one occasion, he visited a very poor man who lived in a cellar. He ate the poor-quality food the man ate and spoke kind, comforting words to him. Later he visited the poor man again. This time, he decided to reveal his true identity and told him, "I am your king." He thought the man would surely ask for a gift or favor. But instead, the man said, "You left your palace to visit me. You ate my food and sat with me in this dreary place. You were kind to me. To others you have given your rich gifts. But to me you have given yourself!"

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