August 25, 2010


It is amazing when you can see and understand the other part of the world or the story of a magnificent events through movie. What i'm talking about in this post is a movie which based from a true event, not a fiction. This is what i experienced these times. I watched quality movies that widen my knowledge. I know about what happen in Afghanistan or Iraq, the story of a parent who fight their children's genetic disorder until the journey of faith from a farmer.

Two days ago, i watched "Invictus". A movie based from true story about how Nelson Mandela formed the foundation of his nation. Wait's not a political movie (maybe some of you get bored with this kind of theme). "Invictus" is the combination of drama, politic and sport movie. It tells us about the life character of Nelson Mandela and how he united his nation when it was in chaos. What an amazing leadership from a men who had been through many miseries. Morgan Freeman is perfect cast of Mandela while Matt Damon brings his quality, as always. Amazing story, inspiring quotes and great acting. Client Eastwood, the director, repeated his brilliance after Mystic River, Changeling, Gran Torino. Besides Ron Howard, now he is my fave movie director in drama category. Can't wait to see how he directs Leo Di Caprio in his next movie project, "Hoover".

Sunny Meter ****


  1. Jak, I always enjoy reading your movie review :) This one seems like a great movie, will find time to watch it..

    I just read your post about your aunty too, it touched me deeply in how we can be such a blessing to others..Great job, Jak :)

    And no I'm not a photographer, but I love photography and I just got my camera, hehe..Thanks for the compliment and please wait for some food photos (in HD, haha)

  2. >Olive - So happy when read ur comment here Live...For this movie, u better find the right mood too so u can enjoy it...LOL little bit afraid of your HD food photo :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^