August 23, 2010

this morning

"Wa'i" that's a call name for my lovely aunt. She is my mother's eldest sister and we live together since i was at elementary school. She is like my second mom and i love her as much as i love my mom. And right now, because my mother live at outer island with my bro and sis, there are just the two of us in the house.

This situation makes her become so busy coz she has to take care many things in the house unlike when my mother was still here. I help whatever i can help but it can't really much coz i have to go work. Sometimes i feel guilty when i often not at home coz i have my own business but i do try to schedule my time wisely so there are days i'm at home to accompany her.

Couple of times, when she tired, she said something that made me down. I know she didn't mean it coz i know she has a good heart. But sometimes i couldn't accept it and we had a little conflicts. That made me prefer to be silent coz i was afraid when i said things that made her sad.

Yesterday, when i was in a hurry to go for soccer, she told me her story. She was sad about one thing and told me how she feel. I know she needed my attention that time then i stopped for a while to listen.

This morning when i had my morning devotion, God gave me a wisdom that i should ask her to have a morning prayer everyday. I doubted it coz we are not get used to do that. It will be awkward. I planned to postpone it but the Holly Spirit inside me kept telling me that i had to do it now. I obeyed it.

Before i went to work, i asked her to have a morning prayer and then we prayed together for the first time. We prayed for our life and our family problem. We prayed for our family's member one by one. We gave our thanks to God because of His grace. She cried and i almost cried (well, i tried my best to not cry that time). It was an amazing moment. I felt God's grace poured down to both of us and i believe to our family also. Hopefully from today, we can have a morning prayer everyday. From last night till now i don't feel ok with my body coz i have a fever but this make me so happy and relieve. Thank you Jesus for this morning experience. You are really amazing!!! :D


  1. really? WOW!!! it's just a beginning :) He'll do something greater, jak :)

  2. >Bee - really? but u only read some part of it, Bee hehehehe...:P

    >Feb - Thanks smile is bigger than you in this :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^