January 26, 2010

sunny math

Math is definitely not my fave subject on school. Yeah, i'm not good in calculation but i want to learn it =) Yesterday, i found this cool site about the new way to enjoy math! This math is fun and very creative. After read all of it's posts and sorted them, i re-post my faves here. Enjoy guys! How? Is it fun guys? To make it more fun, let's make our version. It's easy to do this. Find your fave word and transform it into "sunny math". I've made mine!
C'MONNN Guyss!!! Make yours!!! :D
Find the other "sunny math" in here


  1. funny! haha. i like your math better jak! ;)

    BTW, i got so surprised with your shoutbox message...new layout?! IT'S NOT. it actually is another blog, dear friend. LOL. This made me look again in your blogroll and found out that you did not link all 4 of my blogs but just one. You are linked in all of them! VISIT and LINK them?
    earthy me
    life round meNyou

    pretty please?;)

  2. cool! Jak! very very cool!

    *aku nyobak niru komen e 'dangkal' e iku! wakkakakakakakka
    *btw de'e duduk wong Jowo toh! wakakakakkaka

    komen sesungguhnya:
    KEREN SORO!!!!! Math is always be one of my fav's subject. DOing Math is like doing jigsaw puzzle~ i think..

    Paling suka yang TAXES itu!!! Pangkat Birokrasi e iku ide sinting nan kreatif! wkakakakak SETUJU!!!!!

    trus btw, rumus mu tak perlengkap yo vin.. itu '- orang2 yang minta link nya dipasang'

    *spoiler girl: SUPER MODE ON!

  3. eh btw.. bener katamu.. ak ya mau ah bikin Rumus matematika versi pengalaman hidupku! wakkakakaka

  4. jak, kreatif pol orang sing bikin ini. aku paling seneng liat yg TAXES. hahaha pake pangkat birokrasi... bener pol..mbuletisasi mmg birokrasie

    len, hahaha iki mode spoilermu sing pualing super mmg LOL

  5. belum liat chatbox e alvin ya...

  6. These are sooo cool Jak!
    I love 'em ☮.♥.☆

  7. Sooo cuuutteee. Loving this post, despite my unending hatred for math. Not a good idea to make my own equation Jak. I suddenly get headache nich, I'd rather write poetry with thousands of lines.

    Math is so agonizing!!!

  8. not yet back..cm aga kosong minggu ini :)
    hey...i love ur versionnn :D

  9. minus Writer's Block -> hahaha sip!

    looks like mostly hate bureaucracy, lol

  10. >Jenie - Thanks Jenie! Oh, sorry if i were wrong about that =)

    >Spoiler Girl whose mode is super on - Ayoo...buaten versimu!!! :D

    >Bee - Yup, the inventor of this is creative =) Hahaha..mbuletisasi, based on ur experience ya? :D

    >Russ - Indeed!!! try to make yours, Russ...

  11. >Feb - LOL, so this post is lovely but have made u get headache, sorry :D

    >Blue - Thanks Leen!! :D u must be so busy ya there?

    >Aris - Yeah, because most of us are "gak sabaran" lol


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^