January 22, 2010

cyan, magenta, yellow

Do you think what i'm thinking? :O
Find the other mesmerizing designs in here


  1. kurang K (alias hitam, g tau apa kepanjangan e sampe sekarang) jadi CMYK kalo mau masuk cetak offset!


    I'm thinking about kindergarten classrooms or gr.1-2 classrooms... hey, i remember i have to make some blueprints for my dream :D

    thanks, jak

  3. I don't know what you're thinking, Jak. But, what's on my mind: FABULOUS!!!! Gila, keren banget. Apaan si nih? Resto decor gitu ya...

  4. C M Y K itu kan jenis warna file kalo kita desain graphic.
    C for Cyan, M for Magenta, Y for Yellow, and K for blacK

    ini rasae desain nda tau interior apa yg ambil plesetan itu.. wakakkakaka

  5. apikkkkkkkkkkk JAK..LOVEEE IT!
    thanks u for pointing this inspiring post..

    what do you think?? :)

    mm..klo ga sala dulu pas kuliah diajari K itu bukan kependekan dr blacK tapi
    K = key
    coz black is not a color..:)
    (correct me if i'm wrong)

  6. Yes Olive, that's right, Black isn't a color.
    K is for Kohl sweetie.Ü Geez, I still remember my lessons in my Introduction to Print class.
    Jak, I'm thinking of coffee shops with all those images ☮.♥.☆

  7. great post!
    ehm... yg kuning interior designnya menginspirasi my future resto and cafe ^^

  8. >Valen - To be honest, at the first time when i posted this, i dont even think about CMYK stuff lol what a coincindence :D

    >Bee - YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Make it make it make it!!! :D i believe your school in the future will be as SUPER DUPER COOL as in the pics (especially the light blue one-your fave color) :D

    >Feb - I dont know what this is about but all i know, this is a concept of amazing interior design...I wish ur future boutique will be as FABULOUS as it =)

  9. >Blue - Hai Leeen...long time no hear from you =) that's gr8 u love it..What am i thinking about this? i am thinking all the vocab's stocks for great (amazing, genius, wonderful, fabulous, etc) lol...

    >Russ - It's not Olive Russ..it's Aileen =) Hey, thanks for the info! i dont know also about "K" an now i know lol

    >Jos - Thanks Jos! Resto n Cafe? Ayoooo!! desain business ID nya di aku yaaaa hahahaa :D

  10. uwwaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! ini yang buwat lw ya jak??? kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenn>,<

  11. >Edo Cihuy - Wah kalo ini aku yang buat post ku isa lebih heboh dari kamu Do hahaha..It's not mine..this is a re-post from other cool website =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^