January 27, 2010

oh my oh my...

The official posters have released and they are so awesome!! Make me want to watch it soon. There are lots of movie fan doubt this film coz it is directed by M.Night Shyamalan. M Night is brilliat but his latest two movies (Lady In The Water & The Happening) failed. I'm a fan of M. Night Shyamalan movies since The Sixth Sense and i have a strong feeling that The Last Airbender will be his great comeback!Avatar: The Legend Of Aang is a fenomenal TV show and it has the prospect to become a movie franchise like Harry Potter. It depends to M.Night Shyamalan who directs this first film. If this film success, there will be a sequel, triquel, and so on. I pray so this movie will be successful so there will be more to come =) Cant wait for July 2nd 2010!


  1. M. Night Shyamalan! Oooh! You can never go wrong with this guy. There is not one Shyamalan movie that I didn't find awesome. I'll make sure I catch this one in the big screen, I am wayyy behind.
    'bout your comment, boyfriend's name is Duart, but I never refer to him as Duart in my posts. He's always called "D" by me.

  2. avatar ang...I LOVEEEEE this animation so much
    hopefully the movie is great too :D

  3. oh my oh my! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! *super excited*

  4. >Russ - I remember! the name is D =) It's so nice to find a friend who is a fan of M.Night's movie too :D Thanks Russ!!

    >Blue - AMEN Leen!! Amen!! we count on you M.Night!

    >Ling2 - *super excited level 2* lol


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^