January 27, 2010

3 in 1

Few years ago, I had my devotion about prayer which can be granted. The article put Matthew 7:7 as the main verse. It says:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you”

When I read this verse at the first time, I thought like this,“how easy all of this. We just ask and will be given; just seek, and will find; just knock and it will be opened..Woo..i want to experience that but that’s not as simple as it is rite? That’s too easy!” That’s my first idea when i read this verse. I asked in my mind,”What’s the correlation between this verse and prayer which can be granted?”

God verses in the bible cant be read just in a glace or just like read novel, comic etc. God verses have lots of meaning and it speaks in many ways. Even we have read the verse over and over, it can speak again in the different way every time we read it. It’s beyond our common sense.

But, we cannot experience God’s words if we are not preparing our heart properly. I usually pray before I read it. I ask God to give me wisdom so I can understand His words with His perspective not mine. I did it when I read Matthew 7:7 and the verse spoke to me! Now I know what the verse means by ask, seek and knock. I found that they are three actions which become into one process and they must be done in sequent. First, ask. Second, seek. Then third, knock.

1. Ask, and it will be given to you
  • The first step is “Ask”. The word of ask speaks about will, need, hope or whatever we wish in our life. Without them, we will not ask (or need) for something. We must aware that we need something from God. Something that we cannot do by our own strength.
2. Seek, and you will find
  • “Seek” means there must be an action to do. After we tell God what we need, we must do something to act. Maybe what we need are beyond our strength but we can do the best we can. We do our part. This is the second step.
3. Knock, and it will be opened to you
  • This is the final step and the most important one, “Knock”. After telling our need (or wish), doing the best we can, now we surrender both to God. How? We go to His presence then knock the door so we can enter and stay in His presence. When we knock the door, we must want to enter inside rite? We need to close to God so we have strength before we get what we've prayed. Thank God because He never rejects us. God always open His door whenever we want to enter because He loves us.
So, if we think God don’t grant our prayer or He don’t give what we need, please re-check what we have done. Have we done the three of them or not?

-september, 19th 2008-


  1. Totally agree with this: "Even we have read the verse over and over, it can speak again in the different way every time we read it. It’s beyond our common sense."

    That's what i experience everytime i read a verse from the Bible too :)

    Thank you for this encouraging post, Jak ^^

  2. Your interpretation is very nice, Jak. I like it. And I think it's very true.

    I've never liked this verse, because at first it seems so easy and then you did it but with no result. Now that you've explained it, it makes more sense :) Thanks pal!

  3. I remember my 3rd Grade Teacher telling us in class that if we ask for something and we don't get the exact thing that we wanted, it doesn't mean that our prayer wasn't answered. It was still answered, it's just that it wasn't answered in the way that we wanted. The Big Boss has His reasons. Most of the time, we just need to open our hearts more instead of our eyes ☮.♥.☆

  4. are these rules a fail-proof-sure-certainty?

    by the way, my name is hub.
    nice layout. :)

  5. this is a very good and inspirational post...

  6. great enlightenment jak...
    just wanna add...
    yeah sometime God did answer, and the answer is "No" or "Wait"
    becoz He knows better than us and have a much better plan for us

    yeah many times we did ask, but it could be wrong
    becoz James 4:3 said "and even when you ask, you don't get it because your motives are all wrong - you want only what will give you pleasure" [nlt]

    above all, when what we ask align with His, i assure you, He answers more than we ask!
    Eph 3:20 ^^

  7. >Ling2 - you're welcome Luci! It's nice to know that u experience that also, keep on doing it =)

    >Feb - you're welcome Feb, im glad if this post help u, Feb..

    >Russ - Ur childhood must be fun yah...u remember many things from ur childhppd (esp: what ur teacher said) gr8!! And i agree with u!

  8. >Hub -Hi Hub! welcome to the thousand sunny :D well, its nit a rule, it's more than that...gr8 that u like the layout :D

    >Ailee - Thanks Ailee :D Hope it blesses u =)

    >Jos - Thank u for the additional enlightenment Jos! i agree with you..God always knows the best for His children =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^