September 18, 2009

Percy Jackson And The Olympians

Just know Percy Jackson this morning when I watched the movie trailer. Just know that besides Harry Potter, Narnia, LOTR, Eragon, Inkheart and many famous fantasy novels, there is Percy Jackson And The Olympians. The Pentalogy (consist of five series plus one spin-off novel) fantasy tale is written by Rick Riordan. Set in the United States, the series is prominently based on Greek Mythology. The protagonist is Percy (Perseus) Jackson who discovers that he is the son of Poseidon, god of the sea and earthquakes. He learns that the legendary beings of Greek mythology still exist, including monsters, Cyclopes, Empousai, Titans, and also the Olympians (Greek gods) themselves who dwell in Olympus, now situated at the mythical 600th floor of the Empire State Building. Monsters frequently attack him because he is a child of one of the "Big Three" (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades). Percy meets many other young demigods, both friendly and hostile, who are also in the process of discovering their heritage and powers.The movie adaptation of the first series (The Lightning Thief) is the first step. Usually, if the first movie can get great box office gross, there will be the next series that will be produced (like Harry Potter). Produced by 20th Century Fox, this movie is directed by Chris Columbus (Harry Potter 1&2) and will be released in February 2010. There are great cast who will play in this movie, such as: Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Sean Bean, Rosario Dawson, and new comer Logan Lerman (as Percy Jackson). From the casting, the movie looks promising. Finally, my curiosity lead me to get more information about this novel. From my "Do judge book from it's cover" experience, i have a strong feeling that i will like this epic tale.Cool covers isn't it? Have you read this novels? what do you think? please tell me =)

*Visit the book official site here. And see the movie trailer here


  1. This is the first time that I learned about the movie and the books. I think they're interesting. I will plan a trip to the bookstore soon. I plan to read the books before the movie comes out next year.

  2. Please tell me Russ, when you have read the book. I'm still waiting the publisher of my country published the book in my language =)

  3. kl km beli bukunya ntar ku pinjem y hehehe

  4. >Ce Deb - it depends to the review from Russ hehehee...if it is the good one, i'll buy and lend it to u =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^