September 16, 2009

Gr8 Day!

A friend asked me,
“How is your day, jak?”
Then my mind asked me,
“What should I’m going to answer?”

I can’t answer, “My day is great!”
Because I will make a lie
How fine I do my job in the office,
It can’t deny the fact that it’s only a dull routine stuff

I also can’t answer, “My day is terrible!”
Because I will make another lie
How terrible the circumstances I have,
It still can’t deny the fact that everyday is a gift

Wake up, Jak!
Open your eyes and see the thousand of sunlight
Fill your lungs with ton gallons of O2
And have a bread of life as your breakfast

Today , I wanna work my regular job
But it will be never dull at all
Coz whatever I wanna do,
I wanna do it as I wanna do it for God

Today, I wanna share blessings with friends
To inspire and to be inspired by them
Coz that’s God’s will
So that we can love and complete each other

Today, I wanna do my piece
A piece to put bricks into my dream wall
Maybe today I can only put one brick
I still wanna do it

Now I know the answer
I’m gonna answer my friend,
“My day is great!”
Not because the day is great

But because when my alarm rings in the morning,
and when I open my eyes for the first time
I have decided,
That I will have a great day =)


  1. hey.... gr8 posting! thx 4 inspiring... that the ordinary could be (extra) ordinary!

  2. You really have this different outlook in life, it's very positive -- I wish everyone else is just like you, the world will definitely be more peaceful.

  3. This is a great post. Lately I've been reminded to be grateful of anything, ANYTHING! Actually my latest post is about being grateful..And somehow, this latest post of yours reminded me once again to be grateful for one new day God has given me, and ya of cos God's given day will always be a great day.. Have a great day Jak :)

  4. >Valen - Thanks Len =)

    >Russ - Yeah..there's too much negative outlook in this world, we must fight it with the positive i guess. What a wonderful compliment Russ..thanks =)

    >Olivia - Yes...somehow, that's funny that we posted similar topic in the same day..And i'm so blessed with ur post too..this why i called to inspire and be inspired. Have a gr8 day Liv =)

  5. Inspiring words... Well noted, Jak. That's they easy part. The difficult one is the execution :p Ciayo!

  6. >Febe - I'm doing the execution since two weeks ago..and u r right, it's difficult but it works!! I feel more enthusiastic when start the day in the right attitude, try it!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^