September 19, 2009

happy birthday, bee!!!

The birthday is on september 20th. But, i'm afraid i cannot post this tomorrow coz tomorrow is a BIG holiday (the warnets are closed, lol). I don't want to be late posting this special card. I hope you are okay with this -five hours earlier greeting card- Have a wonderful birthday, sis =)

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ps: click the image to see in larger view


  1. jaaaaaaaaaak....hehehe thank u so much. it's blue!!!
    i love itttttttt!!!!
    ahahahaha a cupid who's match making me to a certain guy as my present??? hehehe

  2. wahhh... that is a good interpretation bee! first, i just know the 'green' shilouette means your 'man.' but then i completely understand that semiotics sign! Cocok deh kamu kuliah FIKOM vin!!!! nice nice card!!! tp ak g mau bilang hepi bday sekarang... ^^ weekk.....

  3. I was trying to figure out the three images: gifts, career, and a lovelife? LOL. Am I right?

  4. > Ce Deb - u are welcome, 12! It's a pleasure... If ur interpretation is like that, then let it be =)

    >Valen - Yes, that's semiotics..i just realized when reading ur comments...The color sign of the three images is totally match with my intention hehehee...thank God i've learned semiotics^^

    >Russ - nearly correct, Russ...LOL (clue=the second image is a man)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^