September 23, 2009

that afternoon

it's 4 pm and i find myself sitting in the front yard
feel a cup of warm milk coffee drown into my throat
the wind is fondling my skin smoothly
then i see it makes the leafs dancing
my mind is peace...
(re) reading every single word of Harry Potter seventh book
there's nobody talking, no vehicles pass by on the street
just me and my solitary afternoon
everything's perfect...
except the fact that i got fever since yesterday
I'm sneezing every five minutes, my head is dizzy and my body is feeble
But, it still a wonderful afternoon =)


  1. hehehe i like the pictures and the angle from which u took them.
    hope u're getting better, bro^^

  2. Are you sick? What a bad timing Jak. People don't get sick on holidays :) Wish you were getting better soon.

    Cool pics btw!

  3. haha... aku juga lagi pilek vin... srot srot n uhuk uhuk terus... g sampe fever sih...

  4. Sounds like fun, except for the fever :(
    get well soon bro..

    ps: wish me luck with my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow..I plan to finish it in two weeks :)

  5. >Ce Deb - I am getting better now (Amen!)and thanks for the good words about the pics =)

    >Feb - Unlucky me hehehee...and thanks...i guess u have already in sby rigth now?

    >Velen - Wah...gawat nih, cepetan minum obat! (plus UC1000) at least before we go to Mission Trip this weekend we have a fit body

    >Oliv -'s difficult to have a perfect circumtances, thanks Liv...
    ps: Yes, i'm running out of time to finish it too now lol

  6. Though I would like to tell you to rest... changed my mind. LOL. You're on a vacation so enjoy enjoy enjoy. I know you got a fever and all, but when you're on a nice vacay, away from work, you could sorta shut out the fever.

    Take care though, meds if needed + liquids + Vitamin C.


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^