August 20, 2009

Response Letter For Dad


I’ve read Your letter and I can’t restrain my tears streaming upon my face
How can You love me that much?
Somehow I feel that’s too much, Dad
I’m not that worthy…but You make me precious

Dad, I just consider that for all these times, I have a hidden vanity
I built my vanity with the pillars of sand and salt
I’m nothing without Your grace, Dad…

You said that You love me and proud of me…
You held my shoulder and smiled at me then You promised,
“Surely or only goodness, mercy, and unfailing love shall follow you all the days of your life”

Dad, how can I receive that ultimate love?
How can I stand upon You? How can I gaze Your face?
I can’t find a word to express how I regretted all my mistakes

I’m weak Dad…
I’m afraid to disappoint You more
But, Your words is my lighthouse
and Your presence is my strength

Dad, I’ve promised that I will never complain about my problems
Because You never complain when You gave Your Son to me
And Jesus never complain even He had reached His limit on the Cross

You give me a life purpose, a vision...
I will never ashamed with that gift, Dad
That’s my Grand Command that You entrust for me

You are my Dad and I’m Your child
That’s enough Dad
That’s enough for me...

Love, Your child


  1. it's a beautiful piece, jak :) i believe He'll strengthen u day by day.
    hmmm... u've experienced Him in a deeper way. long for more, bro :) He has a lot in store 4u.

  2. >Ce Deb - Thank u so much sis, that's because of u, i went to the ESC even with a half heart =) and I changed the image coz i think the first one is not good...i think this is better, isn't it?

  3. ya, fotomu yg ini memang kliatan capek buanget huahahaha

  4. >Ce Deb - Capek si iya...tapi rasanya ngga sampe capek buanget lah =D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^