August 21, 2009


This is the post you can't refuse to love it!!! I don't wanna write anything more here...just enjoy this super amazing "Panda Box" Artwork =)
Always, our beloved Doraemon

Doraseiya,"Pegasus Punch!"

Super Dora Saiyan -this is my fave-

"Wingardium Levidora!!"

Konoha Ninja Dora

"Where's Dorajoker?"

Monkey D Luffy!! (D=Dora)

Spongedora Squarepants

Dora Lee


Old friend -this is the best Dora-

There are still many amazing Doraemon Artworks. It's impossible to put all the Dora in here, i just put my fave. If u as exited as me, directly jump to the author web in here


  1. huahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... dora dora dora..... where's the green dora???

  2. I don't like Doraemon at all... :( I'm sorry.

  3. >Valen - If u click the original link above, u will find green dora in form of Kero-Kero Dora...
    >Febe - there's nothing to be sorry, Feb...but u don't like Doraemonn??? how come? lol

  4. >dvnbi - Lucu banget!!! Hahaha...welcome to thousand sunny dvnbi =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^