August 20, 2009

Cool Mac Skin

Hi! actually i want to post the sequel of "Father's Love Letter" (Ur Child's Love Letter) today but i can't stand to not post this cool stuff i've found. This laptop (MAC) skin is so cool and creative. The Apple logo is cleverly put to use in laptop skin by Adria Fruitos.
Adrià Fruitós is a Spanish illustrator who currently lives and works in Strasbourg, France. When he’s not dreaming of deserted islands and coconuts, he works for magazines and advertising agencies for publications all over the world. Aside from his commercial work, Fruitós has also designed tee shirts, done mural painting, and has exhibited work internationally. He was recently selected by Lurzer's Archive to be among of the 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide.

See his other amazing illustration in here

ps: And after this post, i will work my "plan A post", lol


  1. o well, the illustration is quite good, but i dont like the font and its color, doesn't match with the whole picture. i am so sorry, i am a maclover. :P

  2. >Feling - Oya? i like the idea concept indeed but maybe u r right...the font and color are not represent the image of MAC itself =)

  3. i ddnt talk about the MAC image anyway, i meant the red color of the font doesnt match with the yellow, dark-chocolate and whatever-green-is-that colors. and the font? olala, well i think the designer had better use no font in that picture. perhaps it would be much better wouldnt it? :)) are you with me? but i second that, i love the concept!

  4. >Feling - For the red font, i'm with you :)

  5. The concept is the evil snake giving an apple to Eve, right? I'd say it's innovative. But don't like the design altogether, with our without red fonts.
    I think Mac's white aluminium surface is a lot more elegant without the skin. What can I say, white is my fave color :p

  6. oh yes, of course!! macbook without skin? awesome! i am loving macbook naked skin! :))


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^