June 5, 2011

Republic Toys

It's been so long, i don't post my design works here. I looked up my project folders and picked this project to be published. This project is a logo of toys store at City of Tomorrow Mal, one of my favorite project. 

I like the color combination and the simplicity. The robot icon consists of boxes which are arranged to build a robot form. Like lego. I designed it in intention to be easily remembered by children. Why children not their parents? When, go to plaza or Mal, they see toy store then ask, beg, cry and do whatever they can until their parents buy them what they want. I remembered i did the same when i was a child (lol). Sometimes i got what i wanted but sometimes not. Mother is the decision maker when buying children's diaper, but not toys. It's always children's decision to buy a toy. Based on this experience and thought, i designed the logo.

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  1. i think i know whose toy store that u mean...
    hahahahahaha... :p


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^