June 3, 2011


Old Story. I planned to update my blog in countless times. Plan is never enough.

This morning when i had my morning devotion, i learnt about how to response well when facing the problems. It's not a new thing coz i'm experiencing it all the time. Right now, i'm still learning to response like Jesus response. It's hard but possible to do it. Even there were failures but there were many times that i succeeded it. But, i have to do more. I don't have to wait problems to make a good response. I have to be pro-active. I asked Jesus,"what should i do?". How to response about something if there is no trigger at all? How to make a pro-active responsive? Then, i got the idea about "i have to inspire people with my life with Jesus". How? In a second i remembered my abandoned blog. I used to inspire people with it. One (or two) of my friend have told me that she could feel Jesus grace when read my blog. It's not about how many people read it. One people is precious for Jesus. Then, i concluded my devotion that i MUST update my blog today at any cost.

The cost is, i have to make this as my top priority. I have a work to do but i know that i will never update my blog if i postponed it again. I want to obey what i got from my meeting with Jesus this morning. I rebuild "Thousand Sunny" and convert it into "Professional Dreamer". Why? because i'm growing up to the next level.  My life is not the same as before. Professional Dreamer represents a maturity. I promised to myself to update my blog regularly and it starts with today :) People say time is money and maybe i loss money coz i'm using my time to rebuild my blog today. Maybe i loss opportunities but i believe that it is WORTH IT. I know that i do what Jesus want me to do it with this blog. And i will see that Jesus will exchange my loss opportunities with the other opportunities. After all, i miss to inspire people again. And i miss my blogger friends!! Bee, Valen, Fe, Olive, Russ, Ling-Ling, Josua, ect. How are you guys?


  1. SUPER COOLLL!!!!! and very very warmth SMILE and SHOUT to YOU: WELCOME BACK VIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  2. Hehehehe...thank you Valen. What a warm (sekaligus heboh) welcome greet :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^