September 9, 2010


Melancholic. That word is so suit to me. I often think with my feeling, not my brain (really). I'm so easy to dramatize a situation or moved by others feeling. There are positive aspects and negative aspects in this. One of them is tears (and i don't know it is +/-)

People said that "a men shouldn't cried" but because of what i wrote above, sometimes i'm so easy to cry. When experienced a drama movie, when God touched my heart with HIS WORDS personally, when in desperation or hopeless or when i miss my father, i began to cry. To be honest, i often feel ashamed coz i'm a men and i shouldn't cry that easy :P

Like i wrote in my previous post, i'm never experiencing GOD as real as now. I'm in a huge struggle and i'm fighting with my hope and faith day by day. There are times that i feel so weak and hopeless. Then i cried. I locked myself in my room, prayed and cried to my only Savior.

One day GOD spoke to my deepest heart HIS words (Psalm 56:8) "You number and record my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle--are they not in Your book?"

The other day GOD spoke to me personally in the middle of the Sunday Service. When i was in HIS presence, worshiped HIM, He told me,

"One day you will cry a happy tears not a misery one"

I couldn't tell a single word coz it was an amazing experience i had ever have. God knows and He cares for my every struggle and hope.



  1. wew.. kepercayaan dunia itu, Vin..
    justru aku pernah dengar ttg survey, penyebab pria meninggal lebih cepat adalah krn dia jarang menangis...
    so.. crying itu sbnrnya ada unsur kesehatannya juga... hahahaha... krn pria cenderung menyimpan... tp yg pasti, jgn dikit2 nangis... =p itu namae pria cengeng.. nangis di hadirat Tuhan itu gpp... ^^ simbol hatimu lembut, Vin...

  2. agree with novitz
    it just a prove that you have a gentle heart :)

    for any single thing you did struggle with..
    God will not give you a burden you can't handle.
    If you ever find yourself in a mess
    which seems impossible to resolve..
    Take it as a compliment.
    God thinks you can do it ;)

  3. Nothing's wrong with men crying!!

    When I read this post, I'm reminded to some personal words God gave me through my sister a few weeks ago..And I feel that I should share this with you..And here's for you :

    "Setiap air matamu yang tercurah, akan Aku simpan dalam wadahKu, dan pada waktunya, semuanya itu akan tercurah sebagai berkat berlimpah untukmu. Aku datang sebagai Allah Penghibur, Aku selalu menyertaimu, bersukacitalah selalu dalam lakumu, karena engkau kesayanganKu."

    Hope it touches you and brings you joy, as much as it does me :)

    PS: hope you like the food photo in HD hehe

  4. When I first got to know you, I really thought you were sanguine Jak. You were so good to everybody. I don't think melancholic people do this well in socializing :p Just my random analysis si. Hihihihi. Not that I'm a psychology expert.

    Seriously? You cry when you watch drama? It's so hard to make me cry. I don't usually cry watching movies.

    Whatever problem you're facing, don't forget you've got a listening ear over here loo. Don't hesitate to call when you need me yah :) You've been such a helping hand to me when I needed. Hope you're doing great Jak! Which I know you are, cause God's nearby :) Have a marvelous day!

  5. how are you jak and fellow blogger?
    seems i can make song from your posting here, yeah i need to write songs from my friends posting either at blog or fb's notes

    i missed surabaya and all of you krispeners

  6. >Dan Novi - Wah! Aku baru tau ada survey kayak gitu, thanks for the info! Iya la, aku juga nggak mau jadi cowok cengeng hehehe...Thank u so much Dan Novi =)

    >Aileen a.k.a blu - Hihihi..ur comment is really 'bluquote' but i agree with you...the mess or problems are intended to make us stronger =)

  7. >Olive - Live, i have seen ur BIG HD food PHOTO!! You really don't give mercy to me lol thank you so much for the words. I've already put it inside my mind and heart so i will remember it anytime =)

    >Feb - I'm not that kind of sanguine person, Feb hehehe..About the movie, it's only selected movie which extraordinary Feb..When it touches my heart so deep, suddenly the tears there :P And thank u for the offer, Feb. You are a good friend =)

  8. >Jos - Hi Jos! welcome back here...what kind of song will u write from this? let me know hehehe...Just go to here! Don't u have a plan to visit sby?


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^