September 21, 2010

Post Holiday

Yesterday was my first day at work and my opportunity to blog is today lol (you can guess the reason why) I have a wonderful holiday (maybe one of the most :P). Like last year, i got flu at the beginning of my holiday, Gosh! But by the time i restored, i really use my days to do what i couldn't do before lol. I met many of my friends, slept as much as i wanted, and tried some new stuffs. I had plenty of time to get relax (not think about work or deadline at all). It really refreshed my mind and right now, i'm on fire!!! So many things to do, so many plans to be done but i'm excited :D How about you, guys?


  1. Cool Image!! haha.. I don't have long holiday here, so I can't share anything.. But I sure envy you..Good that you're back refreshed now :)

  2. workingggggg !!! dua dua pegawai q gak mbalek.. jd e mbabu deh.. slma liburan ^^ tp tetep enjoooyy.... btw, cool pic !! how can u do that ?? :)

  3. >Olive - you envy me like i envy your HD food image lol how about your wed's prep Live? how is it?

    >Greta - Saknoe Gret!! Mau dibantui sekomsel ta?? Hahaha..tapi kamu lo sebelume liburan wes ndisik'i sek liburan ke Bali sama HK lol and for the pic itself the right question is not "how can i do that?" but "how can Adobe Photoshop do that?" :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^