August 31, 2010

Goodbye David Trezeguet

Dear David,

The moment has come to say good bye. I’ve given up counting the seasons we played together and the goals we scored. Surely we are the couple that scored the most goals in the whole Juve history, more than Charles and Sivori - two great champions - you know that well, and we are both proud of it.

How many line-ups during these years were always like that: Del Piero and Trezeguet, Trezeguet and Del Piero. How many victories, and disappointments (luckily much less than satisfactions we managed to get), how many hugs: there wasn’t another team mate I played with more than with you.

Seventeen goals a year in average, like your jersey number: that’s more than enough to prove what kind of bomber you are. But I, who played by your side, don’t need any numbers. I’m honoured to have played in a pair with, no doubt, one of the world greatest forward.

Now we go different ways, it happens in football. I’ll say good bye to you in our changing room, but I also wanted to do so in public: good luck for your new adventure. We’ll keep a lot of memories to share, for the next time we see each other.
Good bye, David.

Your team mate Alessandro


Both Alessandro Del Piero and David Trezeguet are Juventus strikers. They have been played together for ten years. I always like this duo, as they scored many goals for Juventus. Both of them are Juventus legend. I publish this post after seeing David leaved Juventus after 10 incredible years and start a new adventure with Hercules (Spain) the football club of his wife hometown. What Del Piero wrote in his letter above represents all Juventini's feeling about you, David. You will be remembered by us as one of Juventus greatest striker EVER. Goodbye and Goodluck!!

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