August 30, 2010

Be Happy, Bless The Lord

design illustration by: Ros Steele

"May God bless you" or "Oh Lord, bless me"

We often hear that kind of statement but do you know that we can bless our God? I just knew it when i had my Sunday Service in Church yesterday. I can't share you the whole preacher (coz i can't remember all :P) but i can share some of what i got and this is the one that most amazed me. It is that me and you can bless God. By express our happiness and joy in life, we have blessed God. It shows that God is "IN US" and it blesses HIM. In the time of struggling like what i have now, sometimes i feel strange if i'm still in joy but in the meantime the problems are still there. But, now i have a reason to be happy even i'm still struggling the problems. That's because i can bless my lovely GOD. Be Happy, Bless The LORD :D

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