June 7, 2010

ESPN 2010 World Cup's Posters

FOUR DAYS MORE!! I found these cool world cup's posters campaign from ESPN. They made a poster for every nation who participate in WC 2010. Each image in the poster has full message of the nation's character. So cool, so unique and so smart!

Here is my champion, ITALIA! There are Cannavaro, Pirlo and Buffon who act like Gladiators. They are the main heroes when Italy won the latest World Cup in 2006 and this time, they have to defend it from other nations.
I like the Holland version poster. Yeah, their famous nickname is "The Flying Dutchman" that's wht the poster is designed like that. But beside that, in this world cup, Holland have great players and some of them have a position as a winger which is Holland's main strength. That's why the poster represents them like a man who can fly and they looks strong as a team (like the fact)
Hohoho..Lionel Messi, the best football player in the world right now. His nickname is "The Messiah". Like the nickname, Messi is the savior for Argentina. With his skills, all Argentinians hope Messi can bring the country reach the glory like they did in 1978 and 1986.

Watch the complete posters in here

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