February 10, 2010

picture of faith

that is one of my biggest dream =)


  1. absolutely!!!!! suit suitttttt!

  2. not just in a wedding day donk! marriage life also!

  3. yeeeyy!!!! yup yup!!!! but i wanna ask, how can we be faithful until the end when there are so many temptation out there?

  4. yeyyyyyy!!!! stuju ma jos :)

    jak, jwb tu ptanyaan edo :) hayo, gimana ya?

  5. >Valen - suuiiit suuiiit!!!!

    >Jos - I know that for sure, but what i mean in this post is i want that moment so much..the day when God attends my weds day in church and everyone who are in there will feel God's presence =)

    >Edo - The answer is in Psalms 119:9 =)

    "How shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed and keeping watch according to Your word"

    Keep sticking to God's words is the key...not easy but...if we close to God eveyday...there's nothing impossible =)

    >Bee - Tuh..di atas udah kujawab =)

  6. Amenn..me too me too hehe..btw, the image is simply beautiful!! I wish I can get married in that kind of church..

  7. could comment no more than this,

    jak is in loveeee and ready for a marriage XD

  8. I'm having goosebumps guys. Isn't it a bit weird for guys to talk about wedding days? I thought it was only girls who had their dream wedding. Turns out it's so false yah... Hahahahahaha.

    Jakkkkkk, please deh... Y do all guys around me talk about marriage these days. You're like the 4th one lho!!!

    Btw, it's the weirdest wedding wish ever. Cool one though! You surely want Jesus in your marriage, otherwise believe me, it'll fall apart for certain.

    Good luck with the wish yah :)

  9. >Olive - Heyyy..i wish the most wonderful wedding for your weds ya, amen!!

    >Lumoz - I smell for some revenge here lol

    >Feb - Lol Feb...kok isa ada 4 orang ya...Hahaha...nggak heran km merinding...Hey, thank you for the good luck =)

    >Edo - yey! u r welcome Do!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^