February 8, 2010


Be brave...
To believe the best quality in people
Even your eyes only see their mistakes
Coz that's the way God believes us

Be brave...
To work for your dream
Even your own self say that it's impossible
Coz in God impossible is nothing

Be brave...
To defend your true love no matter what
Even it takes for the rest of your life
Coz true love is a treasure from God and it's worth to be fought

Be brave...
To live your faith
Even your mind is torturing you with doubts
Coz this is the only matter to God

When you loose your faith, you loose everything
Be brave...


  1. Be brave + honest heart + smart thought + have faith.
    I believe those formula will make us have a gr8 step in life!
    thanks for this post vin!
    it's strengthen me!!

    the brave *followed with word 'heart' is a very cool thing!

  2. i really like this poem... can't wait for the next one!

    BTW..check out my dad's north american adventure!
    http://passionatestar92.blogspot.com/2010/02/photoblog-201004.html have a great day!!!

  3. >Valen - u are welcome Len =)

    >Ailee - Thanks Ailee..will check ud dad's adventure after this.

  4. You know Jak, being brave sometimes means you have to be able to let go lho... The hardest part is deciding when to keep fighting and when to let go.... :) I'm having this dilemma in my mind. Simply can't find the answer...

  5. >Feb - i should put one more part in this writing i guess =)

    Be brave...
    To let go your own most precious dream
    Even it is the hardest decision in ur life
    Coz God provides the better one


    It's totally not easy... hahahaa...

  6. That's the most wonderful part of your piece of writing Jak. And the most difficult part either :p We've been talking on and on about dreaming and achieving. But maybe, just maybe, sometimes God wants us to let go???

  7. i find that there are times when we dont know what to do.

    last year i felt that my dream was dying. i wasnt sure if God wanted me to go on. i didnt do anything to go further in reaching this dream. i didnt plan, didnt write, didnt think of it either.

    but He brought me back on track this year. i still dunno whether i can achieve it or not. but the planning is worth doing. maybe it wont be me who build it, but other person who shares the same idea. it doesnt matter :) it makes my life meaningful rather than i do nothing at all :)

    so, i'm ready to fail, but i still do my best in preparing it. and put my hope in Him, that one day i'll see my dream comes true :)

  8. >Feb - Usually if the level of difficulty is high, the result must be GREAT :D

    >Bee - LOL This is the longest comment i've ever seen in thousand sunny :D But i 100% agree with u coz i've seen by myself what u have been through...The best will come and we must be laugh together at that time, Amin!! :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^