December 19, 2009


i just put the "you&me" letters into the photo using photoshop and i like the result =) All credits to the original owner of the pics. I wish i know the names and put them here...


  1. amazing pictures as always Jak. I can sense the serenity... That's how it should feels when "you and me" are together forever... :)

  2. I am suddenly missing someone.Ö
    I like how you did the whole you & me concept with photos, without using people. Awesome.

  3. they're beautiful Jak..the "you&me" you put really added loads of meaning into the photos..

  4. most Like the last photo! So i wish the very best-est stuffs for Your 'You and Me'! :)

  5. >Febe - serenity is the perfect word =)

    >Russ - Hooo...hahahaa...never think that this post will make u miss someone Riss :D

    >Olive - Thank u Live...i like it too =)

    >Valen - I like the second one =)

  6. vin... love it...
    reminds me with my someone special...
    how about you when u put that 'you&me' phrase? were you thinking about a woman, a lover or friends or family instead? ^^v
    *mau donk... blajar photoshop ahh...

  7. > Jos - Oya? Suittt suittt Hahahaa... What was i thinking? it's a secret :D


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^