December 17, 2009

look at this boy!

LOL, perfect :D


  1. lol
    bnr2 pas banget!! cuocok buanget ma russel (eh, namae bnran russel y?)

  2. Who is that boy?
    Cute photo, but I'm a bit worried about the kid. He should go on a diet.Ö Sorry.

  3. omg, hahahha.
    this is so LMFAOable :'D
    the perfect look, like his role model :D

    and thanks a lot :) i also prefer simple white and black blogs :D

  4. hahaha..I've seen this in FB before, but it never fails to make me laugh again and again..the boy is just too cute..but I agree with Russ, he needs to go on diet..hehe..

  5. Where did you find the boy? Ha3. Perfect resemblance :p

  6. >Bee - Yup! he is Russel :D

    >Russ - The boy's name is....Russel number 2 lol

    >Linh (can i call u Linh?) - true true true...i laughed when the first time i saw this photo LOLL

  7. >Olive - If he does died, he won't be Russel number 2 again =)

    >Febe - I found it on one of tumblr (forget the name) and yes, it's a perfect match!

    >Nani - yes yes clonING!


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^