December 4, 2009

yes, it's my fault!

And yes, it's definitely not a conspiracy theory but my own fault...Since sunday till wednesday i ate LOTS of fries food (you can see them above). "u harvest what u sowed" - that's happen to me. On wednesday, i felt there's something wrong with my body (and i still ate fries at that time!!). Started with throat, my head was really dizzy at night. Yes, i was sick and i must have a full rest at home yesterday (lol) I passed yesterday with headache, pills, liquid medicine for throat, water and water. Today, i'm back!! The dizzy is gone but there's still problem in my throat. And i cant eat fries for certain time i guess =( So guys, be wise with what u eat, dont do my stupid mistake :D


  1. OMG, those food..I miss Chiki balls and nasi penyet!!! u're so guilty of posting this Jak, ur culinare tag is also "mbencekno" hahaha..

    Btw, get well soon, dont eat fries, drink a lot of water!

  2. >Olive - Well, i didnt mean to tease u but if i did, i will be glad LOLL Thank u, now i feel much much better and i drink a lot of water so i can eat fries as soon as possible again :D

    >Velen - Funny ya? LOL

  3. What did the fries do to you?
    Oh my! This is the first time I've heard of someone get sick coz of fries. Feel better soon and no more fries for you Jak, LOL. Just kidding.

  4. MUHAHAHAHAHA thats y u got ur sickness,do share some fries with me if u are recover yea :Pp blehhhh

  5. >Russ - Really Russ? Hahahaa...actually i have eaten fries today :D thank u Russ

    >Mayang - Fung kimpul!! Yes, will share to u at Sutos tmrw =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^