December 7, 2009

personal hygiene

Designed it to a cell group friend for his team's college task. They must make a campaign about personal hygiene for workers in factory. He asked me to make this poster with a fun impression. If u are a worker and u see this poster, is it fun enough (and helpful) to u?


  1. lots of green! of course i like it!

  2. The design is really nice Jak, love the colors and everything..Cuma ada satu yg agak mengganjal, krn aku anak bahasa, hehe..
    "washing..." and "wearing..." kok agak aneh klo pk v-ing ya..cocokan pk "wash..." and "wear..."
    trs di bawahnya "Budayakan hygiene personal.." apa bukannya "personal hygiene" ya Jak..

    Just a small input :) but the design, oke punya :)

  3. > Feb, Valen n Bee - Thankssss :)

    >Olive - Oiya ya??? Not pay attention for that (the statement was from them and i didnt re-check it) I have to re-check the words itself not only the design for next time....Hey Live...thank u for the gr8 input =) this is what i need...thankssss!!!!

  4. hahaha... tadi g sengaja keteken pic nya poster ini.. trus masuk link pic nya yg file gede..
    pas loading ada tulisan david+poster...
    sekilas kebaca David Foster yang musisi itu

  5. > Valen - Oiya ta? Hahahahaa...baru tau aku kalo nama file nya akan keliatan kalo digedein gambarnya...


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^