December 10, 2009

Got the letter!!

The result is "not succeesful" :D

And like i wrote in "remember december", whatever result i get i will take it with joyful and i did it =)

To be honest, even i want (or dream) that scholarship so much but for now, 3/4 part of me just dont want to leave this city :D

Thank u God, for this result, i always know that You have a perfect plan for me and now You have been given a back up plan to be done next year. I will do it with all my best and i'm so exiteddd!!!!!


  1. awh... that's the Spirit.. God always have a back up plan...

  2. That's a very very positive way to look at the situation. Way to go Jak, I wish I had the same kind of outlook in times that I don't get what I want.

  3. I really admire you for this positive attitude Jak..And you have actually spread that to me, in handling my difficult situation..Thanks a bunch for this :) And yes, I believe God has a much better plan for you ahead..JIayou jak!

  4. >Ailee - True true true :D

    >Russ - Don't need to wish coz u had already have it Russ, it's the matter of choice =)

    >Olive - Glad if this post do a positive effect to u =) Amen!! Iya Live, ayo2 semangattt!! :D

  5. Live... you're stealing all my words :p I'll just say IDEM with you then...

  6. >Febe - i will reply the idem words like i wrote to Olive =D thank u Feb...


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^