December 1, 2009

remember december

Today is the first day of my fave month, December. This month is always special to me. Many joyful things happened (or will happen) in every December. So, let’s see what will happen to me in this 2009 December:

1. Don't know the date, but it must be this month. I'm waiting for a letter from the Australian Development Scholarship. Either i will be accepted or not, they will send me the letter. I've gotten the letter last year and it said "No". Which one will i get this year? whatever it is, i will take that with joyful =)
2. Two friends are getting married this weekend. Two parties in two days, this my own record so far. Have prepared what will i wear for those two and i'm so exited to see their celebration of love.
3. Rain, gloomy, rain and gloomy! What a perfect weather for me. Will often enjoy those two in my frontyard with hot milk, happy-tos and Christmas songs, perfect!
4. My birthday (yey!!!). I will turn 25 twenty days later. People says that a men will show his real character when they turn 25. Will i? well, let's see =)
5. Christmas celebration. Snowfall will make this perfect moment become more perfect (lol). The songs, the clarity, the atmosphere, and the celebration itself!!! My Church will have a celebration on 20th containing drama, music performance, and many more!

Still plenty of fun besides that five. I will tell u every joy i'll experience in thousand sunny =)

-december is always be remembered-


  1. #1 wishing u the best, buddy :D

    #4 never know that there's that kind of saying :)

    #5 if there were snowfall in surabaya, i mean real snow, the weather won't be this hot hahaha

  2. SOunds you will have a fun december :)
    #1. will pray for u for the best!
    #2. wahh, who? who? someone I know?
    #3. will do that too when I go back sby,yay!!
    #4. same with bee, never heard of that..but if it is true, im sure it will be a much better Jak..Not that now u're not, but it will be more :) Amen!
    #5. Urghhh can't wait!!!

  3. It seems to be a jampacked December.
    I was gonna ask you if it's your birthday month too :) I like December weddings, for some reason they're extra romantic.

  4. >Bee -
    #5 Snow in Surabaya is a dream :D
    #1 thank u for the wishes, buddy
    #4 now u know =)

    >Olive -
    #1 Thank u Live, really appreciate it
    #2 Maybe u know Yosia...a friend from high school =)
    #3 sungguan ya milk, happy-tos and Christmas songs...
    #4 Amen!!
    #5 It will be gr8 if u can come for the drama...

    >Russ - Yeah Russ..jamppacked but it will be fun! my b day is 19 days more hehehee...enjoy this month Russ..

  5. 1. Sippp!!!! Waiting for whatever result vin!! tell us yaaa
    2. Yes!!! dont forget to take pic! hahaha
    3. 4 the rain: Love it like it!!!!! Love ur rituals to!!!
    4. ew... yea they become wiser because it's already hit a quarter of a century.. :)
    5. Rain could be good inspite of snow.. :)

  6. >Valen -
    #1 definitely will tell all of u guys =)
    #2 sure sure sure :D
    #3 love it and like it and love it again..okay i know ur reaction already =)
    #4 See?? u know this quote?? Hahahaa...coz they dont know it...
    #5 Mmmm... i prefer both =D

  7. #1. Praying for your best. But there's a part of me that's hoping you'll stay in Surabaya. The town would be such a silence without you, Jak! Whoelse would I nag to? :P Geez, how selfish I am... All the best!!!!

    #4. Any request for birthday gift? Can't wait!!!

  8. >Feb - u are back already?? u said it will be long time u r in HK?
    #1 LOL...believe me, somehow i want to stay at Surabaya for now but, it's up to God....
    #4 Only a nice greeting i guess, that's enough Feb =)


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^