November 2, 2009

10 Best Twisted Ending Movie

Hi! starting today i will regularly activate this label (TOP_TEN) for anything category that i've ever experienced (can be movie, food, place, or anything) This is the second post from this label, the previous one is "Sssshh...Can You Keep The Secrets" (remember?). And now, we will discuss about one of my fave topic, movie!! This is the best 10 twisted ending movies which i've ever watched. Twisted ending Movie is a movie that make u say (or think) "whatt?", "Oh my God!", "wait...wait..wait... so, that's the truth?", or "Oh no!! the movie tricked me!". they are...Jak's best twisted ending movie!!

10. Ocean Eleven (8 from10)
"the robbery scenario is unbelievable. And we know the whole plan in the end of the movie"

9. What Lies Beneath (8 from10)"Most of the scenes in this movie really test my heart..the scene in the bathroom is memorable and the real killer"

8. Lucky Number Slevin (8 from10)"Hands down to the script writer, not only because of the smart plot but also because of its super cool dialouge!!"

7. Minority Report (8 from10)"the directing, the actor, the setting, the cinematography, the mistery, and the twisted ending, i got all of them in this movie"

6. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (9 from10)"A masterpiece from director Guy Ritchie. Similar with Lucky Number Slevin, If i give 8/10 for Slevin, then i give Lock Stock 9/10"

5. The Signs (9 from10)"I really get the atmosphere of this movie, like i was there...experience the same event with the actors. Unpredictable ending and the ending built my faith to God too"

4. The Others (9 from10)"This is the best acting from Nicole Kidman i've ever seen and the ending make me speechless"

3. Gone Baby Gone (9 from10)"the whole casting make a perfect acting and the story is so emotional. A twisted ending? there's no twisted ending in this movie but triple twisted ending. I've got tricked by this movie three times!"

2. The Sixth Sense (9 from10)"~i see dead people...~ that simple dialouge is not as simple as it is. I hate horror movie but The Sixth Sense is one of My All Time Best 10 Movies (in all category).

And the Oscar goes to....

1. Memento (10 from10)"One word, perfect!"

Do you have fave movie in this category? i have given mine, how about yoy, guys?


  1. the others!!!! is the bestest creepy silent surpsrising one for me! :D

  2. >Valen - Hahahaa...rasae nggak ada kata "the bestest" deh...u are right, The Others is shocking!!

  3. I gotta see Memento. Dang. I have seen all movies on your list except #1. The Sixth Sense, Signs, and The Others are from the same director right? What Lies Beneath is a super favorite of mine! I like how they made the viewers believe that there was ghost, but really there's none.

  4. >Russ - Russssssss!!!!! u made a spoiler!!!! LOLLL Only Sixth Sense and The Signs are from same director (M.Night Shyamalan - my fave director)

  5. o-oh...i saw 2 movies only in that line =( im really getting so boring lately huh?! hehe

  6. > Jenie - Oya? so watch the other 8 movies from the list so u will not be boring lol


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^