October 6, 2009

Revisions Make Perfect

I just finished my latest design project two days ago. It was a menu book design for LavaLounge, a bar lounge located in Big Boxx Complex Sumatra 40 Street. At the first time i was ordered this project, the client told me what they wanted about this menu book concept. And according to their demands, i offered them a first draft. After that, the revisions was coming out. And finally it's done =) U know, usually i hate to do revisions but at this time i was very happy to do that. I'm so lucky because my client are very nice persons. And i'm so glad that they love the final touch of the design. And that is the satisfaction that cant be bought by money =)
MENU COVER - This is my first draft i gave to them

MENU COVER - Second revision

MENU COVER - Third revision

MENU COVER - Final revision and it's done (yey!)

MENU LIST - This one is special, they directly loved it and
there's no revisions about the lay out at all (hurrayy!!)


  1. the last revision is the best indeed. the first and second are quite scary...

  2. i like the third one!! i think that was the best if i'm your client.. :D the first and second could be scary because of that eyes... maybe.. :p

  3. >Ce Deb - really? maybe those eyes make u scary...i put those eyes to give a mystic impression.

    >Valen - u like it coz the green color i put there, didn't u? Hahahaa

  4. ahahaha... i didn't realize the green part at all.. until u said just now.. :D my sense just naturally went to the third..

  5. I ♥ the last one ─ of course, it's the final thing.0 Good job Jak!

  6. >Russ - Hooo...now u have back from the mountains i guess. Thank u Russ =)

  7. me n 12 have some surprises for you related with this.. :D :D waiting for the next 'less important but fun' post yaaa...


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^