October 6, 2009

I'm back!

Yesterday, I’ve passed my work in the office. I had a full rest day in home. I needed that. I was exhausted after did a documentation for Champion’s Gathering (CG) in my church last weekend. So in CG, there were five sessions from Saturday till Sunday. I did not make the full documentation but only took some scenes from participant’s expression. It’s quite fun for me as I didn’t expect anything happen to me unless only captured the good moments i saw.

I went home on 10 PM and I think I would take a rest coz I had to be in church the day after on 8 AM. Before slept, a friend called me and we had a nice conversation. I thought after finished the call, I could sleep. Then suddenly my best friends (Mike n Sigit) came. Michael was just coming from abroad. We plan to meet on Sunday but yeah..they already came into my house. It’s so nice meeting my –long time no see- friend. We talked then watched football and we didn’t realize that it’s already 2.30 AM!!!! Oh my God, and I have to woke up on 7 AM. But, what would be, let it be…

The Sunday schedule is a non-stop one. The second day CG would be ended on 5 PM actually but I still had to go out with Michael, Sigit and suppose to be Arifin in Food Festival. I’ve promised to them few days ago and I thought I can handle the schedule at that time. So u can predict that I felt so sleepy in the middle of the CG’s session. After got some scenes I needed, I went to the back side and had a short nap while waited for the next session (lol).

The next session was so amazing for me. I had already known about the session when I was a participant few years ago. But I experienced something special at that time. So, that happened when the preacher asked participants to move forward if they wanted to have a freedom heart. Free from their tying sins (or evil spirit that tied them) in the past. In the front, people who moved forward would be prayed by the preacher or the supervisors. The preacher called the participant based on the categories. So, if the participant wanted to be free in that category, they could move forward more than once.

At that time I didn't took or record the pictures with the camera or videoCam in my hand coz some of the category that the preacher asked was private things. So, I only sit in the front and saw what happen when they got released from the evil spirit that tied them for all these time. I saw that Jesus name is so powerful! One by one, participants who moved forward had been released. Then, there was a man. I predicted he’s around 40s, he moved forward almost in every category the preacher said. He looks so humble and desperately wanted to leave his past and received the new live Jesus had given to him. When I saw this man, suddenly my heart was overwhelmed by God’s presence. God talked in my heart,
“Look, this is how much I love people…I don’t care about how many sins they had done in their past. When they repent, I can restore their broken life. Maybe that man and people he knows has already hopeless about his life but I never leave him. U have to love people like I love them.”
I cried at that time. I felt God’s love flowed at that place. Thank you for your ultimate love to us, God.

I went home on 6 PM and I imagined my comfy bed and pillows. I wanted to sleep but I’ve promised to go out with my friends. Yeah…because promise is a promise, I tried my best to fulfill it. I went out to food festival with them and finally could sleep on 10.30 PM. What a day. I’m so tired but my heart was in peace. If I can see my face when I were sleeping, maybe I smiled at that time =)

And the day after (on Sunday) I sent a message to the office, asking a permission coz I needed to rest and I did it! I had a NICE and COMFY sleeping in the middle of the noon and I was success to make bee envy with me, lol (sorry, 12…). Yeah…that was a wonderful weekend I had =)


  1. wow so you passed your Monday office? :D

  2. and you just changed the pic in this post..

  3. yeah!! i think it is cooler!!

  4. Jak, what God said to you on CG... that's what i got too when i pray before it's started... ^^
    guess... God Him self, showing how much He loves us...

  5. yeah..u were succeed in making me envy u. but it doesn't matter coz SATURDAYS are my DAY OFFs LOL

  6. @bee: heh! not necessary to CAPS LOCk the SATURDAY and the DAY OFF things! wakakkakaaka.... *it's a sign of envy too

  7. >Eta - Hey, finally u visit thousand sunny!! welcome, Eta =) Yes, GOD is amazing!

    >Ce Deb - i smell of revenge in here lol

    >Valen - ENVY_ENVY_ENVY___ Hahahahaa


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^