October 14, 2009

OH NO!!!!

Okay, the watch is super awesome but i didn't know where to find (or buy it). Yesterday i posted this matter in facebook, and my cousin gave me the website! I was so exited!! So this super cool watch 's name is cyclops and the price is $185. Well, it's quite expensive but still reachable (still exited) and....i read this part...


  1. I hope they make new ones and sell more.Ü

  2. jaaaaaaaaaaak........the world hasn't stopped rotating, the sun will still rise tmrw morning.. they'll produce more (i hope..)

  3. well..u can also try online shopping at retail online store.. maybe they still have that.. :D

  4. eih.. i just stop by to the official web.. (OMG! I also fall in love with its another design..) and here's the information i got for your limited edition 'cyclops.'

    "We will be issuing Cyclops as part of our permanent collection and it should be available around the end of October 2009. If you would like us to write to you when this watch is available again then."

    so... be patient waiting.. and praying.. hahahaha

  5. > Russ - They have to!!! lol

    >Ce Deb - Sureeeeeeeeee!! Ha3...i hope ur hope comes true =)

    >Valen - Yes, the official site provides many cool watches but they are not as cool as 'cyclops' T__T i will be patient Len, i know that watch is meant to be mine from the beginning lol


thaaaaannk youuuuuuu ^^